BDX Plug-n-Play harness for Honda Ruckus GY6 Swaps

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  • On sale! Normally $410
  • 100% USA-made Wiring
  •  22-Point Quality Tested
  •  Plug-N-Play Installation
  • Designed and built in USA
  • 6, 8, and 11-pole Compatible
  • $349.00
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The BDX harness takes plug-n-play to the next level.  All connectors plug in, that was easy.  Now you can upgrade to any GY6 stator or CDI without rewiring anything!

  •  No splicing, solder, or hacking.

All wiring for installation plugs in, including the key switch (which is a difficult piece to find).  The only exception is the fuel sender adapter, some years of Ruckus came with a non-standard grey plug. 

A standard splice-in adapter kit is available upon request in case you have the non-standard plug. The kit includes connector assembly, adhesive-lined shrink tubing. and inline-crimp connections.

Every harness tested before shipment

Before shipping your harness, it must pass a 22-point test routine on our real-time simulation equipment before shipment. Our dyno powers your harness through its stator connection. All of the GY6 electronics that will ship with your harness are then connected and we test the whole system together in real time as if it is already on your bike. We watch your spark firing, monitor charging voltages on the spot, and see amperage draws on every circuit as each control button is pressed!


Easy Upgrades


Stator and CDI upgrades plug right in! 

Want to upgrade to an 11-pole stator? or even a DC CDI? 

No sweat, the wiring is already laid in to accomodate these upgrades!

Protection (8 Fuses) 


The safest swap harness on the planet.  

Headlights, horn, turn signals, ignition, and brake lights all get their own dedicated fuses. 

Frustration-Free Auto Fuse

Our 25 amp Auto-Reset fuse is designed to reset itself in five seconds without need to remove the battery box. No scrambling in the dark to disassemble the bike to replace the fuse.

Super-Duty Starter Cables


Our starter cables are 3/8" thick each!  For quick and reliable starts.

Quick Chassis Disconnects


You don't have to remove the harness to disassemble the frame.
Just disconnect the battery box section from the chassis section.  Reconnect it just as easy when you're ready to put the bike back together!

Stock Functionality Checklist

  •  All stock controls work.
  •  Turn signals work.  Stock relay too!
  •  Stock brake light works!
  •  Kill switch works like normal, not reversed!
  •  Low fuel indicator light works.
  •  Headlight On/Off toggle switch included.
  •  Headlights turn on and off automatically with optional AOH Module!


Auto-On Headlight Upgrade Available


Group buys available!


Organize a group buy and we'll cut the whole group a price break!  Each participant must register an account and contact us to be counted.