GY6 Stator Upgrade 11-pole Scooter Plug-n-Play Complete 12.5amp Magneto Kit

  • Awesome 12.5 amps output (DYNO TESTED!)
  • 160 watts available at idle!
  • Three-Phase Rectifier
  • Heavy Duty Regulator
  • Plug-n-Play Installation
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Note: Flywheel is not included at this price.  If your upgrading from an 8-pole stator, reuse your original flywheel.  It'll fit and work great.  Be sure to grab a flywheel puller to remove your flywheel without damaging it.

However, if your engine has an 6-pole stator right now, you'll need a new flywheel meant for 8-pole or 11-pole stators.  The flywheel is the same between 8 and 11.


There are many versions of these parts out there of different quality and performance.  Other places don't test their products, and don't know what they're sending you.  The SUPERGY6 11-pole stator, and rectifier together generate up to 12.5 amps of DC electrical capacity, whoa!  Ask the other guys what their charging systems can do, they don't even know!

This is awesome lighting and charging boost when compared to the approximate 5 amp output of a stock 6-pole GY6 stator.  This SuperGY6 kit charges your battery at 13.5v - 14.5v under moderate electrical loads, and charges at 13v when fully loaded at the rated idle wattage.


160w for all your LED light bars, radios, audio systems, and other accessories.  The available power increases with engine RPM, but you should plan your lighting with the wattage available at idle so your battery won't drain while you're at a stop.


No rewiring is needed with the new included adapter harness. Absolutely NO modification to the engine wiring harness or rewiring needed. The red ring goes to the post on your solenoid (battery side), and the black ring goes to ground on one of the CVT cover bolts.

Yes, this can be used with both AC ignition and DC ignition systems!


WARNING!!! Don't forget a flywheel puller to get your flywheel off!  
Three-jaw pullers won't work, they'll just bend the flywheel around the outside.

Stator generates three-phase power which produces flat and consistent 12v DC output after rectification and regulation. Smooth regulated charging promotes long battery and bulb life.

Have a scooter with headlights/tail light/turns wired to run off AC (from the stator)?  If you are installing the 11 pole stator upgrade on a scooter that is wired to run off of AC, you will need to rewire them to run off the battery after upgrading to an 11-pole stator.

15 amp Low-profile ATM Fuse

No need to hassle with glass fuses.  This kit uses a standard low-profile automotive ATM fuse you can get anywhere, and you can check it at a glance instead of opening up (and breaking, let's be honest!) those cheap nylon fuseholders.  



I like to be informed, don't you?  I test my parts to ensure that you and I are both getting the most performance for our money.  There are lots of cheaper copies of GY6 parts that might look like a good deal, but just don't perform or last like they should. Thank you for supporting my work! -TC


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