USA ASW Manco Carbide Helix Zircon Go Kart Wiring Harness System (Complete AC-Fired Swap)

  • AC-Fired Electrical parts kit INCLUDED
  • Strongest spark you'll find on a GY6
  • 3D Printed Polyethelene Components
  • 100% USA Copper Wire
  • Labeled Connectors
  • Strong UV resistance
  • Organizes your engine wiring
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This harness system allows you to throw out your original DC-fired wiring and swap over to an AC-fired ignition system.  All ignition parts are included.  

Connectors and fuse box are 3D printed with Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG) plastic for strong UV resistance  And more material has been added where possible to beef them up compared to original connectors.

Original nylon connectors commonly crumble and fall apart after a season or two of sun exposure.  PETG plastic is approximately as strong as nylon brand new, but keeps that strength over time despite frequent sun exposure.   This should be the last harness you have to buy for a long while.


The wire used in this harness is American pure copper stranded automotive wire. 16AWG for power, and 20AWG for signals / lower power circuits.  

No cheap CCA or aluminum wire.

This wiring system includes:

  1. Engine and Chassis Harness Sections
  2. AC CDI
  3. Ignition Coil
  4. Genuine NGK Spark Plug
  5. Rectifier / Regulator
  6. Solenoid Relay (Starting)
  7. Choke Resistor
  8. 3-wire Key Switch
  9. 3/4" Round Toggle Switch
  10. Two Keys Included

BONUS: Built-in extra ground wire and ring to ensure a strong reliable spark!  Bolt the ring to your crankcase under one of the 8mm transmission bolts!

Compatibility notes (Read this!)

1. If your headlights were previously powered by DC and came on with your switch, they will no longer do that.   This harness powers your lights directly off the stator to keep your lighting separate from your charging (prevents battery drains).  Your lights will now come on automatically with the engine and don't require a switch.  

2. Power for stock accessories like turn signals, horns, speedometers, gear selection indicators, tail lights and brake lights is NOT included in this harness.  This harness focuses on doing the basics EXTREMELY well (ignition, charging, starting, and headlights) while keeping the price as affordable as possible with USA materials and build quality.  The focus is entirely on reliability and longevity with this setup folks, not bells and whistles.

Keep your lighting to 70w TOTAL if you have a 6-pole stator, or 90w TOTAL if you have an 8-pole stator.  

The core of this harness is based on the Tomberlin Crossfire 150, 150R and Punisher harness and wiring diagram.  It will swap into your ASW or MANCO 150cc buggy and replace all the original wiring.


Zip-tie mounts are integrated into the fuse box base, so you can easily mount the harness to your tubular frame in an organized way.  No rats nest with loose wires packed in everywhere.  Internal branch connections are sealed with adhesive-lined ALPO heat shrink.  However, try to keep the fusebox in a dry location tucked away from splashes (as much as you can).



Absolutely NO loose vinyl sleeves are used, every connection has a HARD cover that won't ride up and cause shorts.  Solves the problem stock harnesses have.  Bullet connects use adhesive-lined sealing heat shrink that isn't going anywhere, and transparent so you won't have hidden corrosion issues playing mind games with you down the road.



All connectors are permanently LABELED (3D printed right on top) where they're supposed to go, so you don't have to wonder what connects to what.  Super easy.

10A Fuse:  Uses a standard 10 amp mini blade fuse (ATM) that you already have a thousand spares.

Stator compatibility:  Supports 6 pole and 8 pole stators.  2x35watt headlights can be used on 6-pole systems.  2x45watt headlights can be used on 8-pole systems.



This item is sold without any warranty express or implied, and is sold without warranty of merchantability or fitness.  This harness is made using the original wiring diagrams and much better wire, but has not been rated by any third-party testing facilities.  As such, this product is sold "as is", with any and all potential faults.  By purchasing, you agree that you are using this product at your own risk.   Please keep an eye out for problems during use, and let us know right away if you suspect an issue.  We'll use your input to make the product even better.

In the case that you believe your harness is defective or non-functional in some way, cease use immediately and contact us with details. 


AC-Fired Swap Parts Included



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